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    Iara, singer, songwriter and music producer, has songs recorded by Elza Soares (who recorded "Mandingueira", a partnership with Bid and Walmir Gil on the album Bambas e Biritas in 2006), Ney Matogrosso (who sings "Leve", written with Alice Ruiz, on the concert Inclassificáveis) as well as "Fado Mudo" in the voice of the Portuguese singer Maria João. Iara was born and raised in a musical environment, the Espindola family, daughter of singer-songwriter Alzira Espindola, as well as niece of Tete Espindola.

    In July and august of 2012, Iara has made her first european tour with shows in Copenhagen (Denmark), with the danish duo Wazzabi. After that, with the show ?Cabaret Tupi?, she traveled to Ultrech (Holand), Paris (France - Satelite Café e Favela Chic) and London, at the Sommerset House, as one of the Olympic Games events nights from Casa Brasil.

    With Cibelle, Ruben Jacobina and the band Do Amor, Iara has released the album Now in the final phase of the new album 'A.B.R.A pré-ca - Amigos Bandidos Residentes no Amor Pré & Carnaval. It's a carnival-party project, of new carnival-marches that has shook the 2012's Carnival in Rio. The album is the result of the season in Rio de Janeiro where all these artists got together. It was recorded in late 2011 and Iara & Cibelle sign together the production.

    In December 2010 produced the great concert MACUNAÍMA THE WORKSHOP - OPERA BALL at the historic theater workshop with band, string quartet, video art and ballet, as well as special guest as Macunaíma, Thalma de Freitas, where she also served as a dancer and actress. That same year, performed at 2. National Conference on Culture and participated in the project Circus Serendiptus also with Thalma de Freitas.

    At the Macunaíma Ópera Tupi, Iara draws from "Macunaíma" those fragments of chanted mantras, those remains of music left everywhere in the book by Mario de Andrade and involves us in a hypnotic bath that is a pure atmosphere of soundly-words. Enters the book trough a less self-conscious shore, but that is the key to everything, in this writer-musician case.

    The album "Macunaíma Opera Tupi", was selected and sponsored by the Petrobras Cultural Program and released in circulation by commercial and national SESC Label in August 2008. Are held responsible for the productions names such as Siba, Kassin, Moreno Veloso, Benjamin Taubkin, Beto Villares, Alexandre Basa, Mauricio Takara, Daniel Ganjaman, Quincas Moreira and Buguinha Dub. Participating in the disk as guests are Tom Ze, Fuloresta (Siba's band), Arrigo Barnabé, Dante Ozetti, Funk Buia, Barbatuques, Tete Espindola, Toca Ogã, Bocato, among others.

    In 2001, along with Andréia Dias, Iara formed the group Dona Zica, a good 'seed' of the current music scene of St. Paul - beyond Iara and Andréia, artists like Anelis Assumpção, Gustavo Ruiz, Guizado, Portugal Mariá, joined the band as well. With DonaZica Iara produced and released two albums: "Composition", of 2003, and "Filme Brasileiro", 2005, both highly praised by critics. Among other shows, in 2007 Dona Zica performed at the Ibirapuera Park Auditorium, with guests such as Zelia Duncan, Arnaldo Antunes, Arrigo Barnabé, Jorge Mautner and Happin' Hood. In the same year held a concert in homage to the samba musician Ataulfo Alves, along with Luiz Melodia and Jorge Mautner, at the SESC Vila Mariana.

    In 2009, expanding her artistic forms of action, Iara held with the FUNARTE Aesthetics Interactions Prize, a project of research and composition that resulted in the Exposition and Musical Installment "ORIKI in CORPORE", which was set up at the Afro Brazil Museum (in Ibirapuera Park) for a month at the end of that year.

    From 1998 to 2002, she joined Itamar Assumpção's band as lead singer. She started singing with Alzira Espindola, today Alzira E.
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